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Catalog of perfins German occupation during the 1st WW

Placed on 2014-03-16

The library of the Perfinclub has a new edition: "Die lochungen of Besetzungen im ersten Weltkrieg', a study of the issue of perfins in German stamps during the occupation of Belgium in the First World War. The catalog contains a list of perfins which are known, who the user was...

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Price reduction Dutch perfin catalog

Placed on 2014-01-22

The Board of the Club Perfin Netherlands has decided to reduce the price of the catalog Netherlands and OR (2nd Edition) from 24 to 16 euros. New members pay ten euros for the catalog. Also see the Catalogue page on this website....

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New edition Italian catalog

Placed on 2013-12-01

Recently a new edition of the catalog of Italian perfins has been published. It's about the third edition of the "Catalogo dei Perfin's e Colonie d'Italia ', whereto PCN member J. Riel has made a significant contribution. The catalog is on sale for € 30, -. Members of the Club...

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Perfin in postcard from the Dutch Indies

Placed on 2013-11-14

Recently a postcard from the former Dutch East Indies was presented to me containing the perfin R. T.D. The card is stamped by the post office TJIANDJOER on 21-3-1947. The card is printed by John Kappee. The front of the card shows a drawing of a native with headdress, seated...

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Perfin N.T. of Nicolaas Tetterode

Placed on 2013-11-11

A postcard has been discovered with the perfin N.T. According to the sender those initials belong to N. Tetterode, located at 136 Bloemgracht in Amsterdam (see figure). Postcard with perfin N.T., dated July 8, 1886 The rate for postcards to France at that time was 5 cents, so a 2...

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Call for cooperation on Wartime provisionals

Placed on 2013-08-23

In collaboration with the Perfin Society from England I study the relative rarity of the Sloper Wartime Provisionals. These are stamps perforated twice by two different perforators (usually the letters are below each other), because the firm Slooper ravaged by war, only could deliver perforators which could punch one or two...

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Sunday, August 24 13:00
Verzamelbeurs Heerlen
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Tuesday, August 26 18:30
Beursavond Klimmen
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Wednesday, August 27 09:30
Bijeenkomst Zuidlaren
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Friday, August 29 10:00
Hollandfila Barneveld
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Saturday, August 30 10:00
Postzegelruilbeurs Oldenzaal
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Sunday, August 31 09:30
Ruilbeurs Helmond
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Wednesday, September 3 13:30
Ruilmiddag Etten-Leur
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Friday, September 5 10:00
Nationale tentoonstelling Groningen 100
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Saturday, September 6 10:00
Bijeenkomst Perfin Club
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Saturday, September 6 13:00
Regiobeurs Zoetermeer
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